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Tina Floral Art Academy was set up in 1989 providing floral art lovers a variety of professional floral design courses. The principal, teacher Tina, started her florist business two decades ago. As a result of her continuous efforts and right service attitudes as well as supports from customers, Tina has successfully made Tina Florist a known entity in the florist retail and wholesale market. Driven by her love for flowers and enthusiasm in floral arts, teacher Tina took the challenge to set up Tina Floral Art Academy. She has a great mission of bringing more people into the beautiful floral world and nurture more floral art talents.

Tina Floral Art Academy offers a complete range of courses to serve the needs of individuals to fulfill personal interest as well as seeking after practical skills to earn a living. This is definitely the right place for you to build a solid floral art foundation and inspires you to explore endless possibilities in the colorful world of flowers.

Our students tend to a wide range of choices in selecting the areas that they want to get involved in. The market demands for flowers is very huge at all time, whether it is needed on a bridal preparation, birthday, festive celebration, new opening, welcoming family member, moving, office relocation, apology, wishing someone to get well soon or condolences. Classes in Tina Floral Art Academy are conducted in a serious manner and they are full of fun and interactions. Besides classroom coaching and demonstrations, students are also given the opportunity to participate in our on-site practical sessions and this has been proven an effective approach of collecting practical experiences and preparing our students to meet the ever-changing requirements in the real business world.

Tina Floral Art Academy offers a comprehensive range of courses to suit for different specific needs. Students can optionally enroll themselves to sit for a floral assessment test recognized by Singapore Government. Those who are awarded with respective certificate after passing the assessment test will have broader career opportunities especially in Singapore or overseas.


Our Courses Total Number of Lesson Duration
Basic Floral Design 20 1 Month
Professional Floral Design 100 5 Months

** Certificate of completion will be given upon successful completion of the course participated.

  Assessment Test
Students of the floral art courses can opt for 2 type of assessment tests:

Those who pass the test will be awarded certificate issued by the Singapore authority.

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