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Tina Floral Art Academy

Since 1989, Tina Floral Art Academy is one of the biggest leading florists in Malaysia. In the past two decades, we have established our publicity and recognition as a proven model of good customer service as well as a wide dealer network that covers the entire Peninsular of Malaysia. Our core business is the distribution of fresh flowers, bouquets and related accessories to dealers consist of small florists. We also have our retail outlet that provides precisely all what a florist has to offer. It also includes fresh flowers, standard and personalized bouquets as well as flower related accessories. Besides these services, we also undertake all sorts of venue decoration projects that cover both joyful and sad occasions.

Through years’ experience, we have successfully cultivated a strong sense of artistry and it is being one of the powerful weapons of ours to meet expectations of clients. In addition to providing our clients a spacious and comfortable flower showroom, we also provide catalogues and brochures to ease our customers for the selection of bouquets. The greatest value that Tina Floral Art Academy offers in its service; is the superb flexibility in customization.

Tina Floral Art Academy also provides floral arrangement classes. It is where you can uncover all potentials with beautiful flowers, for either personal interest or a career opportunity!

Why choose us?

We can flexibly adjust our designs by adding appropriate accessories or decorative items in our set bouquets and venue arrangement to suit specific personal preferences for the occasions of customers. The love for flowers of our founder, Tina, is definitely beyond a thing of doing business. Tina Floral Art Academy was set up by her with a clear mission of helping more people to know more about flowers, to appreciate floral art and of course, a career opportunity!

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Flower Distributors in Malaysia
Tina Floral Art Academy is one of the biggest established flower distributors in Malaysia. We have steady and reliable direct source of fresh flower supply from both local and overseas.
Fresh Flower
We supply the most comprehensive range of fresh flower every day. Just shop for all your needs under one roof here.
Our Shop
We have our own physical appearance in Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, Skudai, Johor, Malaysia. Choose what you like from what you see here, instead of buying from a catalogue.

Tina Floral Art Academy has more than 20 years of field experience. We know what is best to serve a purpose.

Professionalism and Heat
We have a team of flower arrangers who work for what they love. Come and experience the professionalism and heat of our services.
Sharing with you
We are always trying to bring you more excitements, be it peripheral items that add surprises to your flower recipients, or useful sharing about flowers that you have never heard before.
Our customer-friendly product and service categorization allows you to browse with superb convenience. Finding the right item for your event and purpose is just a matter of momentous decision!
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